PlayMining Metaverse To Launch First Land NFTs for Creator Nations

PlayMining Metaverse To Launch First Land NFTs for Creator Nations

PlayMining Metaverse To Launch First Land NFTs for Creator Nations

January 31, 2022 – Singapore, Singapore

Singapore-based blockchain and multimedia digital entertainment group Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd (DEA) will be launching the first NFT, known as the ‘Land NFT,’ for its PlayMining Verse metaverse project.

The Land NFT designed by renowned manga artist Fujiwara Kamui is part of the artist’s metaverse – the Fujiwara Kamui Nation – which is a member of the PlayMining metaverse.

The Land NFT will provide its owners with citizenship for the Fujiwara Kamui Nation.

The concept of the Fujiwara Kamui Nation is as the ‘genesis of the earth – a world where gods and goddesses coexist with humans.’ In this nation, various gods and goddesses are working together with faithful humans to try to create an ideal world.

Land NFTs will be available for sale on the DEA’s NFT marketplace in spring 2022.

PlayMining is among the fastest-growing NFT game platforms within the GameFi industry. The platform brings forth a range of services including PlayMining games and NFT marketplace. Powered by the platform’s native DEP (DEAPcoin) token, PlayMining Verse aims to directly connect creators and users while leveraging the fundamentals of GameFi. The platform grew exponentially in 2021, crossing over 2.3 million registered users from Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia.

According to the DEA team, the PlayMining Verse will consist of several ‘creator nations.’ The DEA team has also clarified that the Land NFT launch is just the beginning of an exciting lineup of amazing NFTs from different creator nations featuring renowned artists.

A spokesperson from DEA said,

“We are convinced that the metaverse project is unique and unparalleled in its focus on the creativity of creators coming from Japan – one of the world’s leading creator producing countries. The sale of the Land NFT is an important step in realizing DEA’s vision of protecting the rights and sharing the benefits of creators.”

About Fujiwara Kamui 

Fujiwara is a Japanese manga artist. He made his professional debut with Babel no Rakuen in 1981, making a splash in the manga world with his detailed art style. He gained widespread popularity by publishing short-form manga in various magazines. He is best known for works such as ‘Raika’ (written by Terashima Yu), ‘Dragon Quest Retsuden: Emblem of Roto’ (written by Kawamata Chiaki) and ‘Seirei no Moribito’ (written by Uehashi Nahoko).

About DEA

DEA is a Singaporean company founded in August 2018. On April 8, 2020, the company’s first developed cryptocurrency – DEAPcoin – got listed on the OKX cryptocurrency exchange. DEA also released its first game, JobTribes, a card trading battle game, as well as the ‘NFT marketplace by DEP,’ a marketplace for trading NFTs.


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